By placing order for any products, you warrant that you are capable of entering into this agreement. You also agree to comply and adhere to any and all applicable laws and regulations in relation to this Agreement.

SO SEXY reserves the right to amend, modify or alter any of these Terms and Conditions without the prior consent of You.

Age Condition

You certify that by purchasing any of our products from this website; You are 18 years or older.


“Order” means a request made by You for products to be supplied pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

“Services” means the services or products to be provided to You by SO SEXY®.

“Us” means SO SEXY®. A company registered in UAE under company number 68703 and our registered office is at 1st Fl, No 2, Al Mina Road, Al Mina, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE.

“You” means the person who purchases products from SO SEXY®.

1. Commencement of this Agreement

1-1 This Agreement will only commence when We provide You with confirmation email that your Order has been accepted.

2. Verification

2-1 The contact information that You provide to Us must be complete, accurate and up to date at all times; otherwise sending your order to you, will encounter with problem. We reserves the right to suspend access to Your account and Services if We believe any information You have supplied to us is inaccurate. Do not use VPNs or proxies to change your IP while you are placing your order on our website. Otherwise, we may ask you to provide your ID card or driver license or passport with your address proof to verify your identity and then accept your order.

2-2 If we ask you to provide the verification documents but you do not send them, we will cancel your order and refund your money (Money transfering fee will be on you).

2-3 We do not accept third party payment, if the chosen payment method is Paypal. In other words, if you want to pay with credit card or paypal account via Paypal , You have to use your card or your paypal account; otherwise we cancel the order and refund the money (Money transfering fee will be on you).

3. Shipping to Supported countries

3-1 We accept orders from residents of countries which we support them. You can find list of supported countries here.

3-2 For orders more than €350, We ship your order to your address for FREE. We ship orders via regular air post service. Your Order will arrive to you about 7 to 16 days in regular conditions but it may take more time in specific conditions.

3-3 We don’t charge you any VAT or customs duties for your country duty on our checkout page; While customs of some countries may charge the recipient as Customs duty or Importing Fees if they believe that your parcel values more than specific amount. If this happens, you have to pay your country customs duty or any other fees which they specify for you at your post office.

3-4 Your order has tracking code and you can track it by requesting in whatsapp or support ticket.


4-1 Money Back Guarantee claims must be received up to 24 hours after order registration. This must be done by contacting us via WhatsApp or over the phone. After that we will refund your whole payment up to next 10 days. Paypal/Bitcoin Transfering fee will be on you.

4-2 If you claim Money Back Guarantee between 24 hours to 48 hours after order registration, your order will be cancelled but 10% of your money will charged as our loss, therefore 90% of your payment will be refunded to you. Paypal/Bitcoin Transfering fee will be on you.

4-3 If you claim Money Back Guarantee more than 48 hours after order registration, we have no access on your order and there would not be any kind of Money Back !

5. Returning & Exchanging Policy

5-1 We sincerely intend that you have a pleasant shopping exprience with us; therefore we considered all possible problems and tried to provide best solutions which are best for you and us toghether. As we have Money Back (Due to any reason) Guarantee just before sending your order which we have described in section 4 of this agreement.

5-2 Buying lingeries and underwears differs from buying clothes. Due to hygiene of lingeries and underwears, We can not have any product returning process because Nobody wants to wear the lingeries which have been touched or tested by other persons. Therefore we do not accept any product returning, exchanging or refunding after sending your order (Order will be sent 48 hours after order registration). This policy is one of our big advantages over other lingerie websites and stores; because it means that we put our customers hygiene in priority over increasing our sales via returning and exchanging lingeries between customers.

5-3 According to clause 5-2, if the size of products you buy is not proper for you/your partner, you should use it for your next partner or give it to your family members. All of our products are in Free Size except some items which have been described in their specifications So you will not encounter with any problems with sizes because they are in free size and till now, all of our customers have been happy with our products sizes.

5-4 We have provided several photos for each product and described their quality in detail. Therefore there will be no unknown aspect about them and you have good vision of what you are buying and there will be no more reason to regret. We have put our all effort to provide you sexiest and high quality lingeries in the world but if you think that you may not been satisfied by our products quality, According to clause 5-2, Thanks for choosing us but do not buy from us, because we can not accept returning, refunding or exchanging after sending your order.

5-5 About prices, we do not guarantee that our prices are the bottom of the market. We do not guarantee that our prices are cheap. Instead of that, We guarantee that we have provided you sexiest products which make your partner so sexy and make your couple moments more pleasurable. Nevertheless, We accept any order cancellation just up to 48 hours after order registration; as described in section 4 of this agreement.

5-6 In case of your order getting lost in shipping process, We will pursue it via postal insurance and after their confirmation which may takes up to 60 days after order sending date; we will send another one to you for completely FREE.

5-7 About product damages, All of our products are checked before sending to customers, therefore there will be no production damage on our products; Nevertheless, if your product has damage, you should wear it , take a photo and send it to us via WhatsApp up to 48 hours after receiving your order. After our confirmation, we will send that item again for FREE.

6. Intellectual Property

6-1 This website and all of its materials, including, but not limited to, its software or HTML code, scripts, text, artwork, photographs, images, video, and audio (collectively, “Materials” ) are protected by copyright laws and other international laws and treaties and are property of SO SEXY®. All Materials on this website are provided as a service to it’s visitors and may be used only for personal and informational purposes and only if you retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained on the Materials. No right, title or interest in SO SEXY® Materials is conveyed to you. You may not copy, reproduce, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display, post, modify, create derivative works from or sell any of these Materials without our prior written permission. Any and all rights not expressly granted are reserved by SO SEXY®.

7. Sharing on Social Networks

7-1 You are permitted to share Material or Content provided on this website, on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or similar services; while you tag and mention our instagram id as “”on shared material. This permission is a limited license to use the Content and Materials solely for such purposes and does not represent a transfer of title in any SO SEXY® Materials or Content.

8. Trademarks

8-1 SO SEXY® owns all rights regarding its trademarks, trade names, logos, brand names and trade dress. These Trademarks are registered and they are protected by international laws and treaties. Your misuse of our trademarks displayed on this website is strictly prohibited. You are also advised that we may aggressively enforce our intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including through civil remedies and criminal prosecution.

9. Spam Activities

You may not post, transmit, redistribute, upload, inject any content or materials that contain corrupted files, viruses, or any other malware files. You may not to put spam, advertising and malware comments on this website. If you do so, we may aggressively enforce our property rights to the fullest extent of the law, including through civil remedies and criminal prosecution.

If you fail to comply with all of the requirements above, your notice may not be valid.