Sexy Lingerie — Bundle 1


50 Sexy Dresses for 50 Days !

Up to 50 days, Each day, you will see her in a new sexy style. That’s awesome.

Just imagine her with these 50 SO SEXY® styles…



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The Sexy Lingerie Bundle 1 includes everything you need to have great moments with your partner. This bundle upgrades your relationship pleasurable experiences. This Bundle makes your partner feel more sexy and confident and show you her hidden passion…

The bundle 1 is one of our best sexy lingerie combinations. This SO SEXY® Bundle consists of 50 sexy dress combinations for your partner and makes your sex times wonderful. This bundle contains a daily sexy dress plan and each day has a specified combination as shown in following images. By buying this lingerie bundle, your partner will have 50 sexy styles for 50 days ! Thats awesome. It means that your partner looks different sexy in each day up to 50 days. In other words you are buying the required lingerie for whole one year sexy days, as low as 11 sexy lingeries price ! Again, That’s awsome and best choice !!

These sexy dresses/styles are the ones which you have seen on porn video scenes and then you would think the actress of that video is so hot; but in fact, that’s the power of these sexy lingeries which have been known for porn directors.

Sexy Lingerie Bundle 1 Contents


1- Sexy Bra Sexy Panties SB-SP120B…x 1

(SB-SP121B or SB-SP120w or SB-SP121L can be choosed instead of SB-SP120B)

2- Sexy Pantyhose SPH163B…x 2

3- Sexy Panty SP156B…x 1

4- Sexy Pantyhose SPH140B...x 1

5- Sexy Stockings SS132B…x 1

6- Sexy Bra Sexy Panties SB-SP124R..x 1

7- Crotchless Panty SP158B…x 1

8- Sexy Panty SP157R…x 1

9- Sexy Dress SD135R…x 1

10- Sexy Stockings SS154B…x 1

Total —————- 11 Sexy Lingerie items


You get this bundle with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING to any supported country and city !

All Lingeries included in this bundle are FREE SIZE and everyone can use them easily (except overweight women who wear bigger than X LARGE in Asian size, 16 in US & CAN size and 46 in Europe size).


Alternatives to SB-SP120B


You can choose one of three options instead of SB-SP120B in bundle 1 :


Also we’ve described our Money Back Guarantee and Return & Exchange Policy in our Terms of Services.



Easily make your partner so sexy by buying this bundle today…




Additional information

Primary Sexy Bra & Panty :

SB-SP120B, SB-SP121B, SB-SP120W, SB-SP121L


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