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Pantyhose SPH143B Mesh Style Black

Pantyhose SPH143B Mesh Style Black is a mid thick black pantyhose which has small holes as mesh syle. It’s similar to Fishnet Pantyhose but it differs from that. SPH143B has 40 denier thichness and because of being mesh style it looks like a 20 denier pantyhose. This sexy lingerie makes your partner legs so stunning and tease your mind very nice. It’s extremely soft, sexy and nice. It blows your mind with tons of testosterone when it comes with proposed combinations in Bundle 5.

What a Sexy lower body she will have !

If you see following images , you will find that how much this Pantyhose is sexy and makes your partner so sexy. it’s obvious and you are feeling this fact right now. Dressing her with this sexy lingerie, makes her feel that she is so sexy  and show her hidden passion more.

Imagine your partner with Sexy Pantyhose SPH143B … She will be great.

You can get SPH143B by buying Bundle 5.

In other words, you can not buy SPH140B alone.





Pantyhose SPH143B Specifications



Size……….Free Size

Thickness……….40 Denier


Feeling……….So soft



Made in………..China

Packaging……….Plastic Bag



SPH143B Contents


1- Pantyhose – SPH143B….x 1


Total —————- 1 Sexy Lingerie item


You get this addon product with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING to any supported country and city !

*This addon product is FREE SIZE and everyone can use it easily (except overweight women who wear bigger than X LARGE in Asian size, 16 in US & CAN size and 46 in Europe size).


Also we’ve described our Money Back Guarantee and Return & Exchange Policy in our Terms of Services.


Easily make your partner so sexy by buying this addon product today…





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