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Pantyhose SPH140B


Pantyhose SPH140B is an ultra thin black pantyhose which makes your partner legs so stunning and catch your eyes on them. It’s extremely soft, sexy and nice, specially as a sexy lingerie. It blows your mind with tons of testosterone when it comes with one of our sexy bra and panties. You can lick her feet, put them in your mouth, bite her legs with your lips and so many other sexy ideas which you can do while she has worn this 15 denier Pantyhose. This Pantyhose has been made from high quality Turkish and German materials , so don’t worry and just concentrate on your sexy actings.

Turns every leg into a Sexy Stunning leg !

It doesn’t need to our saying that how much this Pantyhose is sexy and makes her legs sexy. it’s obvious and you are feeling this fact right now. Dressing her with this sexy lingerie, makes her feel that she is so sexy and then enjoy with her sexiness.

Imagine your partner with Pantyhose SPH140B … She will be great.

You can get SPH140B as an addon product for one of So Sexy® Bundles or via buying one of the following bundles :

  1. Bundle 1
  2. Bundle 4

In other words, you can not buy SPH140B alone.



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The Sexy Pantyhose SPH140B is a 15 denier nylon black pantyhose which is 95% see through and makes every leg into a sexy stunning leg. It has been made from high quality nylon by Turkish/German company (Penti / Nur Die). It’s so soft and extremely sexy. It’s a seamless pantyhose and because of that, increases her sexiness and blows your mind with much of testosterone. This sexy lingerie makes you horny and you will have pleasure moments with your partner.

You can tear genital area of this 15 denier pantyhose with your mouh easily inorder to act more sexy and tease her in a extremely sexy way. Also, She can feel wetness and hotness of your mouth and tongue while you are licking and teasing her legs without taking out the pantyhose.

Features of Pantyhose SPH140B


This Sexy Lingerie shapes her legs so sexy. She can tease you very easily by wearing this Sexy Pantyhose. By buying SPH140B, She will look sexier than before. This sexy lingerie is a must option in your daily sexy dresses. No one can resist this sexy lingerie; There is no man who won’t go crazy the moment he sees his partner in this sheer pantyhose… That’s a fact.
Also we have other types of these sexy pantyhoses which satisfy your sexy desirations so well… you can have a look at them here.

We have proposed too many sexy combination with SPH140B in our Bundle 1 and Bundle 4. Don’t forget to Check them out now.


Penti Specifications



Size……….Free Size with selectable Smal | Medium | Large | XLarge

Thickness……….15 Denier


Feeling……….So soft



Made in………..Turkey

Packaging……….Plastic Bag


Nur Die Specifications



Size……….Free Size with selectable 36-40 | 40-44 | 44-48

Thickness……….15 Denier


Feeling……….So soft


Brand……….Nur Die

Made in………..Germany

Packaging……….Paper Box


Pantyhose SPH140B Contents


1- Pantyhose – SPH140B….x 1


Total —————- 1 Sexy Lingerie item


You get this addon product with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING to any supported country and city !

*This addon product is FREE SIZE and everyone can use it easily (except overweight women who wear bigger than the defined sizes in specifications).



Also we’ve described our Money Back Guarantee and Return & Exchange Policy in our Terms of Services.


Easily make your partner so sexy by buying this addon product today…




Additional information

Best Fitting Size

Penti – Small, Penti – Medium, Penti – Large, Penti – XLarge, Nur Die – 36-40, Nur Die – 40-44, Nur Die – 44-48


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