Garter Belt – GB121B


Make her sexy with this Black Garter Belt !

Yes, Garter Belt GB121B is SO SEXY, specially when it comes with one of our thigh high Sexy Stockings and Sexy Panties.The combination of garter belt with sexy stocking makes a strong sexy contrast with women body color and it will blow your mind easily with tons of testosterone… yes, That’s true.

Just imagine your partner with GB121B … She will be great.

You can get GB121B as an addon product for one of SO SEXY® Bundles or via buying one of following SO SEXY® Bundles :

  1. Bundle 2
  2. Bundle 3

In other words, you can not buy GB121B alone.

This addon product does not include panty & stockings.



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The Garter Belt GB121B supports thigh highs from slipping during different sex positions; although it shapes lower body so sexy and tease you very well. It is a necessary accessory for thigh highs which make your partner so sexy. This sexy stockings accessory make contrast to women body color and beacuse of that it’s make sexy feelings and tease your mind so much. Also taking it out can make a new sexy style in the middle of sex. Another benefit of garter belt is that all of her sexual parts are in your access and you can do what ever you want without taking garter belt out…That’s SO SEXY and AWESOME. Presence of garter belt in most porn video scenes aprove that this accessory has strong effects on both partners sexy feelings.

Features of GB121B


By buying GB121B, you make your partner SO SEXY and you will have great moments with her. Every one should experience this sexy dress which consists of garter belt and thigh high Sexy Stockings, specially sexy dresses which we have recommended via our SO SEXY® Bundles. Theses Bundles upgrade your experience and makes your partner feel more sexy, confident and show you her hidden passion… These Bundles contains a daily sexy dress plan and each day has a specified combination as shown in their images. It means that you looks different sexy in each day, That’s awesome…and best choice !!





Number of Ribbons……….4



Material……….90% Polyester | 10% Spandex


Made in………..China

Packaging……….Plastic Bag


Garter Belt GB121B Contents


1- Garter Belt – GB121B…x 1

(without panty & stockings)

Total —————- 1 Sexy Lingerie item


You get this addon product with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING to any supported country and city !

*This addon product is FREE SIZE and everyone can use it easily (except overweight women who wear bigger than X LARGE in Asian size, 16 in US & CAN size and 46 in Europe size).



Also we’ve described our Money Back Guarantee and Return & Exchange Policy in our Terms of Services.


Easily make your partner so sexy by buying this addon product today…





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